Installation is of the package is easy and only involves a few steps.


The archive is self-contained and can be installed without super-user rights.

  • 64-bit Linux with GLIBC 2.3 or higher. If you need a 32-bit version, let us know.
  • Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1.6 ISR 1 or higher. Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1.5 is usable with minor GUI degradation.
  • Any MMSIM (contains Spectre) version should do. We think no special licenses (such as oasis) are required.

No root privileges are required.

Your GLIBC version can be checked by running, in a terminal:

ldd --version

Installation procedure

1. untar the archive to a directory, say <gntpath>:

 cd <gntpath>
tar xzvf gnt-IC6.1-0.2-0-gdc70455-43.tar.gz

2. add the following to your .cdsinit file (replace <gntpath> with the correct path):

load( "<gntpath>/IDGNTLoader.ile" )

3. add the gnt library to your libraries. Add the following line to cds.lib (replace <gntpath> with the correct path)

DEFINE gnt <gntpath>/library/OA

Alternatively, you can start Virtuoso and run GNTCreateLibrary() in the CIW.

4. Check for correct installation. Start Virtuoso, in the CIW you should see messages similar to

GNT: release gnt-IC6.1-0.2-0-gdc70455-43
GNT: for terms of usage, see <gntpath>/LICENSE.txt
GNT: this release is tested on the following Virtuoso versions: ((6 1 6 500 1))
GNT: this release is tested on current Virtuoso version (6 1 6 500 1)
GNT: run GNTCheckForUpdates() in the CIW to check for updates 

5. Check for correct functionality by opening one of the examples in the gnt library and loading a Spectre state in ADE L.

Debug mode

You can obtain more runtime information by typing

__gnt_info_level = 3

in the CIW or by adding it to .cdsinit.

Naming scheme

Releases are named gnt-<IC version>-<release version>-<build string>.tar.gz
E.g. gnt-IC6.1-0.2-0-gdc70455-43.tar.gz

Bugs and issue tracker

List of major known issues.

If you encounter any bugs, please add an issue to the public issue tracker. Alternatively, send us an email.